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People Pay

The easy way to pay people!

Send money

If you know the  recipient's account and routing number you can send money directly to their bank account, or if you don't know their account information you can use the recipient's mobile phone number or email address to send money. You can even enter a personal message if you'd like!

Receive Money

Get an alert via text or email when someone sends you money.

Easy to set up and use

Just set up your contact using their mobile phone number or email address. For text and email delivery, the recipient will receive directions on how to claim the money you've sent or get notification when you send money directly to their account.

Safe and secure

We are committed to protecting the security of your account information. Read more about our Online Security Commitment.

To be a People Pay user, all you need is to be enrolled in Online Banking. Then, you can use People Pay from your smart phone , mobile app or desktop!

*Transaction limitations apply.